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Dragon's Fury Series - Collector's Edition (Vols. I - V) (9780971577909)

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Informacje o Dragon's Fury Series - Collector's Edition (Vols. I - V) (9780971577909)

During a false peace.war breaks out! It is over sixty years since the last world war ended. After great success in the War on Terror, the politicians and the analysts thought that another global conflict was impossible...but they were wrong. The Collector's Edition of the best selling Dragon's Fury Series includes all of the volumes (one through five) and tells the entire story of the exciting saga that projects a future arising out of current events where: - Implacable enemies of America develop their own surprising and very lethal high-technology military capabilities. - America's unsecured southern border allows tens of thousands of terrorists to infiltrate into the nation. - The New Economy of off-shore manufacturing and outsourcing severely curtails domestic production and bolsters future enemies. - Citizens' constitutional rights are eroded in a vain effort to try and ensure domestic security. - Three generations of Americans never challenged for survival must fight with their own weapons for their very existence. Come on this journey. Can America find the strength and the faith to prevail in a world-wide conflagration? Find out in the best selling Dragon's Fury Series!
ISBN 9780971577909

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