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RESOURCEFUL TEACHER'S SERIES Teaching Thinking in the English Class + CD-ROM, Tessa Woodward

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Informacje o RESOURCEFUL TEACHER'S SERIES Teaching Thinking in the English Class + CD-ROM, Tessa Woodward

Thinking in the EFL class cuts a clear workable path for EFL teachers through recent developments in teaching thinking for all ages and in all school and college subjects progresses to the fundamentals of building a positive class atmosphere for communicating well and in English. Offers over 30 well-thought out, realistic tips for teachers and over 85 practical, easy-to-use activities for language classes. These tips and activities encourage flexibility, fun, creativity and rigour in teacher and student thinking. They involve minimal preparation and a wide range of interesting topics. Most of the activities are multi-level and adaptable from elementary to advanced students. Many integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and/or writing. Is extremely valuable in helping teachers stay interested in their work and in helping students cope with the demands of learning a language and living in a restless, changeable world. Also provides teachers with ready-to-use handouts, freelz downloadable at in both PDF and DOC format. Resource Books for Teachers: A new methodology series that offers teachers, teacher trainers and teacher trainees a discussion of new developments in various areas, such as linguistics, pedagogy and cognitive psychology and suggestions on how to use them effectively in class.
ISBN 9783852723334
Autor Tessa Woodward
Wydawnictwo Helbing Lichtenhanh
Ilość stron 251

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