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Jackass - The Box Set

Jackass - The Box Set

Informacje o Jackass - The Box Set

Editorial Reviews

Jackass came to MTV in April 2000 with plenty of "don't try this at home" disclaimers, drew lots of viewers, and eventually made host Johnny Knoxville a movie star. The first reality show to tap into young men�s penchant for over-the-top stunts and pranks, the show introduced Knoxville and his friends, a rough-edged posse eager to perform incredibly stupid or humiliating acts for fun. What�s fun? Roller-skating though a crowd in nothing but a jock strap is fun; so is jumping into a large pile of elephant dung or getting attacked by a police dog while wearing a bunny suit. These antics reigned supreme on MTV until 2002, when the series ended and Knoxville and crew launched a big-screen version, Jackass: The Movie. Though you can't find the show on TV anymore, fans will cheer for this three-disc box set, chock-full of falls, crashes, injuries, and other moments of Jackass mayhem. Not every single episode is included -- some were kept out for legal reasons -- but the five hours of never-before-seen footage more than make up for it. Also included in the bonus features are a 48-page collectible booklet; a 40-minute "Where Are They Now?" documentary; cast appearances at various MTV award shows; the Jackass edition of MTV Cribs; and optional commentaries for every episode on the three-disc set, most recorded while the cast members were tanked. Barnes & Noble

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