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EFI Fiery XF Proofing v6

EFI Fiery XF Proofing v6

Informacje o EFI Fiery XF Proofing v6

Fiery XF Proofing: Also includes 1 printer options M-XXL, spot color option, and color verifier option.

EFI Fiery XF is the colour management solution for large to superwide format inkjet printing devices. Now, your printers can achieve a new dimension in color quality and productivity on banners, posters, signs and vehicle wraps!

Fiery® XF Proofing Version 6, the flexible and scalable precision RIP and colour management workflow for proofing, package prototyping and fine art printing, streamlines your print production with customisable automated workflows from job creation to proofing and verification.

Accurate colour management by measurements, with advanced spot- and process-color optimisation, enables you to easily achieve precise, predictable and repeatable contract proofs.

Automated workflows eliminate touch points and remove the need for manual job submission, saving operators time and reducing error rates. A fully customizable user interface allows you to tailor the application to each operator’s tasks and skill set.

Fiery XF enables you to manage colour supply chain from design to production to output by providing you with all the tools to produce the best colour. It allows you to produce ISO 12647-7/8, G7, PSD compliant validation printing and proofing on inkjet, laser and LED printers.

Fiery XF is perfectly suited for agencies, prepress, publishers, copy shops, packaging companies, full-service printing houses and photographers.

All Fiery XF v6.0 products include a 1 year maintenance contract; Software Maintenance & Support Agreement. Support contracts must be activated within 1 month of shipment:

  • Fiery XF v6.0 product users receiving this contract will be within ‘Evergreen’ or ‘Rolling’ contract
  • You will only become 'out of contract' if you opt out
  • Opting out must be done by the owner of the contract 60 days prior to the end
  • Opting out means you can't benefit from support, upgrades, bug fixers or new drivers
  • Opting out also means 'buying back' the contract
  • Existing v4 contracts users can acquire the renewal when your existing one expires. You will then be placed on the 'Evergreen' scheme

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further to see which solution works best for you.

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