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German Naval Camouflage 1939-41 v. I John Asmussen Eric Leon

German Naval Camouflage 1939-41 v. I John Asmussen Eric Leon

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Informacje o German Naval Camouflage 1939-41 v. I John Asmussen Eric Leon

German Naval Camouflage 1939-41 v. I

John Asmussen, Eric Leon
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848321422
ISBN-13: 9781848321427

For half a century German warship camouflage has been something of a mystery for warship enthusiasts and modelmakers. The widespread destruction of naval archives at the end of the war left little documentation, while the ad hoc application of unofficial schemes in theatres like Norway led to many variegated and frequently altered patterns. This book, therefore, is based on close scrutiny of all available photos, including many only recently discovered, collated with the first-hand testimony of Kriegsmarine survivors. After decades of study, the authors are the world s leading experts, and their work challenges many accepted views, while greatly expanding the general understanding of the subject. The fruits of their labours are presented in the form of exquisite colour illustrations of every scheme and variation for which evidence is available. For major ships these are sometimes only months apart, giving as complete a representation of their camouflage history as possible. There are no speculative views if, for example, only the starboard side is known, there is no attempt to reconstruct a port side so all information is reliable. This volume covers destroyers and all larger ships during the early war years, with a second part devoted to 1942-45 planned for completion in 2013. For warship enthusiasts its publication will be a major event, and it is certain to become the standard reference.

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